Dasteel Consulting

Invest In Your Most Essential Asset — Your Customers


Customer Strategy Assessment

Feedback & Analytics

Customer & Employee Engagement

Customer Success

Customer Brand Advocacy

Customer-Centered Transformation

Customer & Employee Engagement

Engagement program design, including capabilities assessment, program development, & measurement

Program Planning & Metrics

Program launch kits, start-up processes, prioritization, initial deployment, and essential change management actions

Chief Customer Officer Advisory

Role refinement, including working with executive peers, setting the right priorities, and alignment to corporate objectives & measurement

and now introducing:


A dynamic, exclusive community for experience management leaders


Carefully vetted peer group, one-on-one advisory sessions, quarterly meetings, and "designed by you" events & workshops


Expertly facilitated sessions for sharing of best practices & lessons learned, small working groups, and a vibrant digital community


Top-notch speakers on big picture topics affecting your business, curated resources, and learning sessions on priority topics


Targeted research, thought leadership opportunities, and ongoing benchmarking of capabilities, programs, & competencies