Jeb Dasteel

Jeb operates Dasteel Consulting and the Customer Strategy Alliance, focusing on advising Chief Customer Officers and helping organizations develop or refine their customer strategy. Jeb served as the global Chief Customer Officer for Oracle from early 2008 to September 2019. In this role, he:

Worked with the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee members to implement enterprise goals for all elements of the Oracle customer strategy: customer acquisition, customer retention, ease of doing business, customer engagement, customer adoption, customer value, and brand advocacy.

Engaged with many of the world’s leading brands to build business partnerships and strong advocacy-based relationships.

Served as an executive coach, sponsor, and troubleshooter for large enterprise accounts, strategic deals, and complex customer projects.

Led customer integration from 140 acquisitions into Oracle’s customer base.

Served as a recognized industry expert, strategist, and spokesperson on customer success and quantifiable business results.

Jeb is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in marketing, sales, communications, business transformation, and cloud computing.

Prior to Oracle, Jeb was a Principal Consultant with Gemini Consulting. In that role, he advised Fortune 500 organizations on defining and implementing business and IT strategies, working with firms including Advanced Micro Devices, Bridgestone Firestone, Canadian Pacific Railway, and Caterpillar. Before Gemini, Jeb worked in materials management, supply chain management, and international subcontracts for Loral Corporation and General Dynamics.

Jeb published the book, “Competing for Customers—Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution” in 2016. He has also written numerous articles and blog posts on Customer Success and Customer Centricity. 


Amir Hartman

Amir Hartman is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience in customer success, digital transformations, growth strategy, and value realization. With over 25 years of industry experience, Amir has played a pivotal role in driving customer success and organizational excellence.

As the Managing Director at Dasteel Consulting, he brings his expertise and passion to help organizations unlock their full potential of their customers. 

As Managing Director of Customer Success at Oracle, his primary focus was to collaborate closely with clients, ensuring they achieve the maximum value from their Oracle investments.

Prior to Oracle, Amir was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mainstay Company,  a B2B advisory firm, focused on engineering customer outcomes and accelerating the sales, marketing, and customer success processes.


Prior to Mainstay, Amir served as the leader of the manufacturing and retail practice at Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group. During his tenure, he spearheaded innovative initiatives and helped organizations in these sectors harness the power of technology to drive growth and efficiency.

Amir’s thought leadership and insights have been instrumental in helping companies navigate the digital landscape. He has authored several books, including the highly acclaimed “Competing for Customers,” co-written with Jeb Dasteel and Craig LeGrande. This latest book delves into the transformative possibilities of digital technology and provides valuable strategies for companies looking to stay ahead in today’s customer centric economy.

By leveraging his deep understanding of digital technology and its transformative power, Amir has become a sought-after speaker and bestselling author.

Amir has also made significant contributions to education and research. He has served as a faculty member at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Harvard Business School Interactive, where he has taught MBA and Executive MBA student and conducted extensive research on topics related to innovation, strategy, and digital transformation.