Measuring CX: Why You’re Doing It All Wrong

NPS. CLI. CSAT. CES. CLV. And on and on and on. Most of us have tried it all — and often with such ardor that we tend to categorize CX professionals by which camp they’re in. I’ve spent at least a bit of time in all of these camps, I have to admit. The unfortunate truth is that each of these metrics can serve a purpose but are off the mark if we are truly trying to use metrics to run the business and effect change.

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How Do You Measure Customer Success? Very Carefully

Sure, you answer the phones, resolve tickets and address escalations, but fundamentally how do you measure your success in a way that changes the narrative — one from being on the defensive to taking a proactive role that ensures funding, thought leadership and a world class approach to driving consistently positive client outcomes.

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There are seven different ways to define customer success. Only one counts.

there is nothing more important than customer success in today’s digitally connected economy. It’s at the core of what we call the XaaS Effect, where XaaS (pronounced ‘x-ass’) stands for Everything-as-a-Service, and continuous digital connection allows vendors to engage with customers, monitor their experience, and iteratively improve the contribution they make to customer success.

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Proving The Value Of CX

In this report, our objective is to help executives across the globe become better customer experience (CX) leaders. We outline everything you need to develop a robust CX strategy and make it happen. From a comprehensive background of CX to the customer-centric culture needed to make your company an authentic experience brand, we equip you with the tools you need to unify your stakeholders, gain buy-in from the C-suite, and demonstrate ROI for CX investments.

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Research Deliverable: Metrics 06Dec21

Our objective in developing this report on feedback and measurement, testing its findings, and presenting a set of recommendations is to:

Establish a set of metrics that will support the continuous conversion of all targeted customers, including detractors, into brand advocates.

Use these metrics to continuously improve the efficacy of critical capabilities and programs that enable execution of the Customer Strategy.

This will, in turn, clearly link the elements of that strategy, including the metrics, to those used in operating the rest of the business.

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