Measure Journeys to Drive Emotional Engagement

Emotion is a key component of any customer journey — reducing ‘negative’ emotions like frustration, and designing experiences to elicit a positive emotional response will result in more revenue, and increased loyalty. In this report, Forrester looks at the importance of emotions in the customer journey, how you can measure them, and how you can curate experiences that drive a positive emotional response from your customers.

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The value of experience: How the C-suite values customer experience in the digital age

If done well, CX initiatives can reduce costs, increase profitability and revenues, and improve customer satisfaction. To learn how global companies manage their CX programs, the EIU conducted a survey of 516 senior-level executives in April 2015 from 21 countries. The vast majority of these (464) were C-suite executives—of whom 165 were CEOs—while the remaining 52 respondents were heads of a business unit.

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The role of today’s Chief Customer Officer—what it takes to succeed now

So what does it take to succeed? Deloitte completed its Global CCO Study to answer that question. We structured our study around Deloitte’s Five Tenets of the Human Experience so we could understand not only how CCOs are thinking holistically about the customer experience, but also how they’re approaching the workforce and partner experience. CCOs who embrace the capabilities needed to Elevate the Human Experience were nearly twice as likely as their peers in their industries to have significantly higher net margin and revenue growth rates.
We discovered five insights core to the success of high performing CCOs and are reviewing each in our CCO article series.

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Proving The Value Of CX

In this report, our objective is to help executives across the globe become better customer experience (CX) leaders. We outline everything you need to develop a robust CX strategy and make it happen. From a comprehensive background of CX to the customer-centric culture needed to make your company an authentic experience brand, we equip you with the tools you need to unify your stakeholders, gain buy-in from the C-suite, and demonstrate ROI for CX investments.

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The Customer Success Index

Now available from Gainsight, in partnership with RevOps Squared: The Customer Success Index, 2022. Created to understand the current state of CS, the report offers a comprehensive look at what executives are investing in, prioritizing, and measuring to scale their business.

The report includes several key findings, including that a growing number of companies are delegating expansion opportunities to their CS organizations, proving that CS has evolved past churn prevention into a significant growth driver.

Download the report to learn:

How companies are aligning product experience and customer success strategies to impact revenue
How companies are organizing their teams to put the customer journey at the center of all growth efforts
The ROI of investing in CS and CS Operations, including where your company should fall to see the highest NRR rates

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Beyond Net Promoter Score: Customer Experience Measurement Reimagined

Many CX experts now pan traditional metrics as being either too broad or too narrow, not timely enough, or difficult to correlate with business goals. Indeed, research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. has predicted that more than 75% of organizations will abandon NPS as a measure of success for customer service and support by 2025.

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