• Jeb Dasteel

Be Selfish in Designing Your White Glove Program for Top Customers

#WhiteGlove service may not be possible for all of your #customers, but it has to be for the really important ones.

You might be thinking: ALL my customers are important. Yup, but clearly some are more important than others. You have to think like this to put a successful #segmentation strategy in place and then make the right investments.

Start your White Glove program by identifying exactly who you want to be your greatest #BrandAdvocates, and work backwards to engagement programs. This will include big spenders & the brands that will help YOUR brand the most.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 elements of the White Glove program for these customers:

1. #Engagement in Executive Councils.

2. Executive Sponsorship & Engagement—bring your top execs to bear.

3. Solution design—proactive approach & regular cadence with your top engineers.

4. #ProductAdoption and #ValueRealization—to drive utilization & measure business #results.

5. #IssueResolution process—for accelerated problem solving.

Once this is operational, you can look at adapting what works for these customers—for use with the other customer segments.

The future of #CustomerExperience: Personalized, white-glove service for all | McKinsey ✅ 🗯 🔍 📈 ⚠️ 📏 🔮 ⚠️ 🤔 🆘 🔺 https://mck.co/2D7ZZI1

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