• Jeb Dasteel

Chief Revenue Officers: A New Perspective

Is a #ChiefRevenueOfficer the same as a #ChiefCustomerOfficer? I would never have thought so, but it actually could be.

The CCO's job is to develop and deploy a cohesive #CustomerStrategy. That means:

1. Building a framework for the entire organization addressing #CustomerAcquisition, #retention, #effort, #engagement, adoption, #value, & #BrandAdvocacy.

2. Working with the rest of #TheExecutive team to deploy the right organizational model, processes, & metrics to execute that framework.

3. Acting as a change agent to drive #BusinessTransformation throughout the organization into one that is truly #CustomerSuccess oriented.

4. Focusing especially on listening, engaging, and ensuring customer business outcomes.

Here is a #ForbesArticle based on an interview with @LaurenGoldstein, an obviously leading-edge CRO. Among Lauren's responsibilities are focusing on outcomes, delivering a better #CX, moving #BeyondTheSale to #ReduceChurn, affecting the overall value of customers to the organization, driving Customer Success, #HelpingCustomers make THEIR case, & developing brand advocates.

The CRO And The Evolution Of The Traditional Sales Model 🗣🎙 💰 💵 📈 📄 🚦 🚢 👂 📦 🎭 🤔 💷 🔨 👍 👥 💸 🆘 🛏 http://rite.ly/wy5t via @karenwalkerus

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