• Jeb Dasteel

CIOs and CCOs: A Partnership for the Ages

I've spent most of my career working with CIOs. I've witnessed the transformation of the job from IT department head & maintenance chief to a truly strategic role with a direct line to#theCEO, engagement with customers, & responsibility for sweeping change. I have witnessed long-time technologists and LOB leaders alike demonstrate great success with this shift.

You simply can't go wrong by bringing technology & the business closer together. And you will absolutely benefit by focusing all transformational efforts on Customer (and Employee) Experience.

Even with the democratization of technology & apportionment of budgets for technology beyond IT to Sales, Marketing, Finance, & HR, the strategic CIO is critical. The strategic CIO must orchestrate technology-driven change, ensure a cyber-secure enterprise, and be a real agent for (customer-centric) change.

A strong partnership between the CIO & CCO can—and must—create real competitive advantage rooted in making customers successful (& fully engaging employees in that success).

The ultimate objectives of a modern CIO & the job of today's CCO are substantially the same: transformational change,#CustomerEngagement,#EmployeeEngagement, & ensuring#CustomerSuccess.

CIO Online: http://ow.ly/AFcP50Ap5sc

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