• Jeb Dasteel

Effort—Engagement—Adoption—Value: Focus On These Things to Invest In Your Customers

I just read this article published by IDG InsiderPro and written by @BobViolino on May 15th. It presents a terrific view of the role of chief customer officer (CCO). You don't have to be a CCO to appreciate how we can work with customers and treat them as our most essential asset—for their benefit and ours.

I also appreciate that Bob calls out my good friend Curtis Bingham's chief customer officer council (https://ecs.page.link/Y9NQh).

Bob says that "success is built on empathy, understanding, communication and helping [customers] be their very best." To do this well (and to measure your effectiveness along the way) I suggest a focus on these specific objectives:

  1. Minimize customer effort expended—across the entire customer lifecycle.

  2. Create programs that structure (and innovate) how you engage with customers.

  3. Focus on product adoption. This is doubly important for the XaaS model.

  4. Create an engagement method allowing you to target, track, and measure the value you deliver your customers.

As Bob says, "The goal is to keep customers happy so they will keep coming back, as well as draw new customers by establishing a reputation as being a good organization with which to do business."


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