• Jeb Dasteel

Empathy is a Crucial Element of Your B2B Engagement Strategy

I am currently working with a #B2B client who exhibits remarkable #empathy toward its customers.

For #B2C organizations, it's obvious that empathy is important—and it's quite relatable. To be empathetic in the B2C setting means that you're dealing compassionately and have rapport with the human that is in front of you (really or virtually). You can image your goods or services being consumed as part of the consumer's life.

B2B is different. Consumption is more abstract. We talk a lot about personas in the B2B context, which is certainly helpful. But personas are nothing more than an amalgamation of buying patterns, market research, job descriptions, and how individuals represent their company.

It's hard to be truly empathetic with that level of abstraction. But it's a crucial element of differentiation if you can figure it out.

Consider who your buyer is and how you can make them more successful, more effective with THEIR #customers and #stakeholders, safer (especially these days), more productive, more engaged, and more secure in their work environment. Maybe even more fulfilled. This will yield a customer who is more inclined to adopt what you already sold them, more likely to be your advocate, and more likely to buy again.

And, of course, empathize with your employees!

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