• Jeb Dasteel

Go Talk to Your CIO

A couple of weeks ago I started a dialog on the need for close partnership between CCOs/Customer Success and the CIO/CTO.

Once the at-home workforce is taken care of with remote desktops, collaboration tools, and more automation, seriously reduced tech budgets will be directed toward core tech savings through Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

And then what? Meet with your CIO tomorrow and help them set priorities by looking at what will make the greatest impact on your customers. A few considerations:

1. What technology will make you easier to do business with? Removing friction for your customers, especially right now, can make a huge impact on retention, renewals, and new purchases.

2. What technology will help your customers realize business results for THEIR customers. How will you systematically do the same for YOUR customers?

3. What technology will make your company more effective in #SolutionSelling, #AccountManagement, orchestration of customer interactions, #EmployeeEngagement, #CustomerEngagement, and #BrandAdvocacy?

HINT: The answer to all of these questions is in the cloud. And building the #BusinessCase is simpler than you think.

Gartner: #RemoteWorking shifts CIO priorities 🤝 🤖 📱 💸 ✅ 🖥 📈 ✔️ 👬 🛠 💭 🔍 http://rite.ly/wIVt

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