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How to Compete for Customers as Business Restarts

McKinsey & Co. just published an article (https://ecs.page.link/T7juH) on the "CEO’s guide to COVID-19: Restarting after the crisis." This is one of many McKinsey pieces written in the last 8 weeks or so that offer essential guidance in these uncertain times.

The article talks about restoring customer trust & reviving customer demand—and much more.

As I read this it struck me that the book @Amir_Hartman, @Craig_LeGrande, and I published 4 years ago titled "Competing for Customers" might just be more relevant in this moment than ever.

Of course, we never contemplated today's circumstances when we said: "Customer Focus and Customer Advocacy are no longer enough. Today, customers can walk away from your products and services at a moment's notice. There's only one way to make sure that doesn't happen: focus relentlessly on helping your customers achieve measurable business outcomes."

Staying focused on (or shifting your focus to) customer outcomes right now will help position you for the restart—and will help your customers regain the traction they need. Check out the book for lots of strategies.

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