• Jeb Dasteel

How to Measure Customer Success

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I really like this article from @ghlafleur @TechTarget on metrics.

My 2 cents: focus on surveying and interviewing your customers on the following:

1.#Effort- is#doingbusiness with us easy?

2.#Relationship- can we be counted on as a trusted partner?

3. Issue Resolution - when things go wrong, do we get right on it?

4. Transactions - are we straightforward, efficient, & transparent?

5.#Deployment- are implementation & updating fast & effective?

6.#Product- did you get the product quality you expected?

7.#Value- are we helping you achieve your desired #outcomes?

and of course:

8. Renewal - how likely are you to buy from us again?

9. Reference - how likely are you to recommend us to someone else?

Lastly, there are other measures that are derived from internal and customer processes. Those might include CLV, actual value realized, churn, and retention.

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