• Jeb Dasteel

How Your Customers Measure Your Business

HBR published a great article (bit.ly/2X931Bz) a few days ago authored by Jonathan Golden (@jpgg) on METRICS. The article outlines how to apply key quality, quantity, and efficiency measures to guide your organization. One of the quality metrics discussed is NPS, supplemented by the number of support tickets per reservation, for an Airbnb example.

I'd like to suggest some other CUSTOMER metrics to compliment HBR's approach:

  1. Overall Loyalty, Retention, and Brand Advocacy.

  2. Relationship, Alignment, and Engagement.

  3. Product Satisfaction (by product line) and Adoption.

  4. Services Satisfaction. Professional services and Support (beyond traditional transactional surveys).

  5. Ease of Doing Business. Including key attributes like process complexity, decision making, and empathy.

  6. Value. How well you enable and measure customer business outcomes.

These metrics focus on a combination of quality, quantity, and efficiency. Together, a complete (but not too complex) portfolio of measures will help steer your organization toward a modern, holistic customer strategy.

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