• Jeb Dasteel

If You Don't Have a CCO, Why Not Give the Job to Marketing?

It's hard to argue against #Sales and #Marketing being better aligned. I've seen a lack of alignment in virtually all organizations I have worked with—especially larger #B2B enterprises. To me, this creates a huge opportunity for the #CMO and for all marketers.

What can the Marketing function do to close the gap? Take responsibility for:

1. Market segment analysis

2. Customer segmentation strategy

3. Customer engagement strategy

4. Customer onboarding

5. Voice of the Customer

6. Executive advisory boards

7. Brand advocacy and engagement platforms

8. Executive sponsorship and engagement

9. Customer data

10. And of course, Sales enablement

You might say that all or most of this is in the domain of a #ChiefCustomerOfficer. Or possibly a #CRO (see earlier post on that). I would quickly agree with you.

However, most organizations don't have a #CCO (or CRO). So, for them, why can't Marketing take this on?

Doing so will drive alignment, give marketers intimate knowledge of the customer, enable sales in new ways, contribute mightily to core marketing functions—branding, messaging, content, advertising, campaigns, etc., and positively impact #TopLine and #BottomLine performance.

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