• Jeb Dasteel

Is Customer Effort Slowly Killing You?

After a lot of investigation and many of rounds of interviews with many smart chief marketing officers and chief customer officers, we (Jeb Dasteel and Curtis Bingham, conducting research independently) have begun to develop some pretty provocative theories on how to improve customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

There’s a ton of material out there already about helping customers along their journeys, improving the customer experience, creating moments of truth, fostering customer success, you name it. We love all that stuff, and certainly don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

What we are doing is bearing down on very specific customer strategies that will clearly, directly, and repeatably hit the top and bottom lines by focusing on a few key objectives. We believe that these objectives—combined into a framework with a set of specific capabilities to enable their achievement—will yield a crystal-clear vision of customer results and a guidebook for how to get there.

The first of those objectives is ELIMINATING CUSTOMER EFFORT. We believe that eliminating customer effort is one of the few key things that is essential to a successful customer strategy—and by definition directly impactful to the business as a whole. 

For our purposes, the definition of customer effort is the burden placed on your customer that creates no intrinsic value for them but is an inescapable aspect of how they transact and interact with you. This is often referred to as friction. It’s bureaucracy. It’s process. It’s time the customer could be spending doing something actually productive (versus increasing the friction between you and eroding your relationship bit by bit). 

We would love to get your views, as B2B sellers and B2B buyers, on Customer Effort. Please click here to participate in a short survey and share your perspective.

Thank you!

Jeb Dasteel | Chief Customer Officer, Oracle

Curtis Bingham | Founder & CEO, Chief Customer Officer Council 

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