• Jeb Dasteel

Is Selling All That Different in a World With COVID?

Selling now is different. It’s not a radical departure from prior practices though. In the good old days (5 months ago), the measure of a great B2B salesperson was their ability to get on a plane & go meet a top executive—then build a relationship, develop credibility, & demonstrate how they’ll deliver value.

Well before COVID, I wondered about over-reliance on a) the face-to-face meeting; & b) an insistence that the meeting had to be with a top executive. There’s real benefit in taking the time to get influencers on board, developing a mastery of the customer’s business, & systematically paving your way to the decision maker.

So here we are today—with severe limitations on travel & meetings. There are lots of great #selling & #AccountManagement methodologies available. Pick your favorite & stick to it. The process may be slower than before because decisions are tougher given tighter budgets & myriad uncertainties. But being systematic, graceful, & respectful of the customer’s time will deliver results. And remember: focusing like a laser on achieving Customer #BusinessResults will get you there, from the comfort of your home office.

How To Win #BigDeals Without Face-To-Face Selling 📑 💼 💫 🔨 👩‍✈️ 👍 🐢 👩‍👦‍👦 🏆 http://rite.ly/wyEr

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