• Jeb Dasteel

Let Customers Drive Your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, by definition, is underpinned by technology. I would argue that cloud technology is essential. 2 weeks ago I participated in a webinar with Joji Tokunaga, the CEO of Ricoh USA. That discussion covered a lot of ground on the transformation of the COVID-affected workplace, including tools needed to get the job done.

#DigitalTransformation, at the pace now necessitated by the #pandemic and its economic consequences, requires the agility, speed, scalability, and relatively low cost that only #cloud platforms can provide.

Ricoh is THE best there is at reimagining workflows and document management. Couple that mindset with a focus on YOUR customer and the right cloud applications and infrastructure, and you are on the right track. The key is to start with the customer and work backwards.

Developing a holistic customer strategy that meets your customers' and your needs, and then creating the right experience that assures the business outcomes desired by your customers will win the day. Speed, agility, lower cost, security, risk mitigation, and the engine of innovation that ongoing cloud updates yield will make a huge difference in how you adapt to the "new normal."

The Role of Cloud in Digital Transformation https://ecs.page.link/b9ebn

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