• Jeb Dasteel

What do Customers Value?

Check this out from Mia Jacobs at Totango. She does a great job providing a top level framework for customer adoption. Prominent in her discussion is the notion that the most important aspect of our job is “generating real value for your customer.”

Building on what Mia is saying about measuring uptake of features and engagement, I’d like to suggest that we focus especially on measures of actual value created.

Consider five ways your customer is likely thinking about value:

1. Value is defined by customers, aligning to THEIR success metrics.

2. Value is created collaboratively, and judged by customers.

3. Value is about quantitative and qualitative benefits delivered.

4. Value is rooted in competitive differentiators.

5. Value must be documented by performance improvements and presented in case studies.

[Adapted from Hinterhuber and Snelgrove 2016]

These are not mutually exclusive. When we are working hand-in-hand with customers to create value for them, think about how these five characteristics come into play for everything we do.

The User Adoption Metrics That Matter for Your Customer Success Team http://ow.ly/i8Ay30qRkT0

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