• Jeb Dasteel

What's Your Story?

Stories are far stickier than data. We see this playing out every hour of every day #InPolitics, science, #SocialIssues, economics, #COVID & more.

What to make of this? RESPONSIBLE storytelling is the answer. Use the power of a clear, concise narrative SUPPORTED by evidence (data).

In business, responsible storytelling makes a big difference. A few examples:

1. Selling: evidence-based #UseCases & reference stories are far more impactful than reams of hard data.

2. Marketing: narratives about relevant customers & their success will create #awareness & #demand.

3. Building: #innovation & new features are great but telling the story of how features link to #CustomerValue drivers, KPIs, & outcomes is key.

4. Engaging: demonstrate how your #EngagementPrograms are in service of successful #CustomerOutcomes. Show that employee engagement is THE critical component of the stories told about customer outcomes.

5. Listening: all the data in the world pales against a well-told story about a relatable customer’s successes & failures.

6. Transforming: WHAT will your new #BusinessModel look like & HOW will that affect customers & employees?

Freakonomics podcast—Why Are Stories Stickier Than Statistics? 📈 📣 💼 🔭 📈 ✅ 👂 🛠 🌏 🔌 ⚠️ 👁 📊 👀 http://rite.ly/wy59

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