• Jeb Dasteel

Zombie Companies & What You Can Do

Real-life zombies. “The epic economic collapse that began in March brought numerous corporate borrowers closer to zombie status.”

What can #CustomerSuccess teams and Chief Customer Officers do? Focus on your customer acquisition & retention strategies.

Consider tuning or revamping the following capabilities:

Account valuation, segmentation, targeting, & service levels


Account management

Sales enablement tools focused on customer journeys

Customer-centric & value messaging

VOC programs

Orchestration of customer care across regions & LOBs

Customer health assessment & early warning indicators

Issue resolution & escalation processes

Customer win-back programs

Customer comms & PR

Top customer outreach & engagement

Social/peer-to-peer engagement & advocacy

If we didn't feel a sense of urgency before, I'm sure we do now!

#ZombieCompanies multiply as the government’s coronavirus response allows more firms to load up on debt - The #WashingtonPost📈 🤔 🚧 🚑 ⛏ 👥http://rite.ly/wlPr

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