Why Shouldn’t The Employee Experience Start With The Customer?


Can you have a truly great Customer Experience without a great Employee Experience? Nope.

Read an article about employee experience or employee JourneyMapping and exchange the word “customer” for “employee” and it generally makes perfect sense.

It’s about engagement, retention, segments, personas, crucial moments, empathy, and results. For customers and employees alike, focus on optimizing the investment in that asset.

I’m not a big fan of customer journey mapping. My beef with it is stated perfectly in the attached article about employee journey mapping, with “customer” swapped for “employee” and for “people”: “It’s easy to fall into the trap of valuing employee experience journey mapping as a useful business process rather than valuing the people the process illuminates.”

In my words: We often turn journey mapping into science projects—and down the rabbit hole we go.

If you’re going to map something, wonderful. But be laser-focused, leverage what you already know, and start with the customer perspective. Use that to establish excellent employee engagement that will align employees to customers, enable customer engagement, and drive everyone toward realization of customer outcomes.

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